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XBrowser APK MOD (Optimized) v4.5.1

XBrowser APK MOD (Optimized) v4.5.1
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★ Minimalist & Super Fast

1M Size, uses minimal resources. Very smooth and fast.

★ Ad Blocking

Super ad blocking ability, helping you to remove 80% of malicious ads. Support importing and subscribing to third-party blocking rules.

★ Video Sniffing

Super video sniffing capability, easy to save Internet videos.

★ User Script

Build-in Support GreaseMonkey and Tampermonkey user script. Greatly improved browser capabilities.

★ Security and Privacy

Only very few permissions are requested, no background residency services, no push services, and very many security and privacy options are provided.

★ Autofill forms

Fill out forms automatically with saved info, like your user name,passwd,address etc.

★ Personalized Customization

Provide a large number of personalization options, appearance, gestures, shortcuts, etc. Can be adjusted according to your preference.

- Added 'Disable fast scrolling slider' option (Browser Settings "Basic Settings") - Optimized autofill compatibility issue by not filling forms that declare autofill turned off. - Fixed an issue where app splitscreen lost the currently viewed page - Fixed an issue that caused downloads to fail in some cases - Updated Russian translation, thanks to Timofey Lisunov
XBrowser APK MOD (Optimized) v4.5.1
 XBrowser APK MOD (Optimized) v4.5.1