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Vange : Idle RPG

Vange : Idle RPG
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■ Customized Skill Tree
Hone various skills to strategically construct your own skill tree.
Skills are divided into active and passive skills.

■ Unbreakable Equipment Enhancement and Evolution System
Using steel to evolve equipment allows you to create even more powerful gear.
There’s a 100% success rate for evolution, so no inconvenience.
If that’s not enough, give enhancement scrolls a try.
Even if enhancement fails, your equipment won’t break.

■ Equipment Synthesize System
Synthesize four pieces of equipment of the same tier to enhance the equipment’s tier.
We offer automatic and batch synthesize features for free.

■ Various Growth Elements Beyond Equipment
There are various growth contents like badges and artifacts that will strengthen you.

■ More Individuality with Costumes, Pets, and Mounts
Create your unique character with cute costumes, pets, and mounts.
Not only costumes, but also wearing regular equipment can change your character’s appearance.

■ Enjoy Vast Content
Experience over 1300 hunting grounds. New hunting grounds open every Friday.
If you’re short on resources, you can mine various gems through the mine every day.
In addition, various expedition contents such as defense battles and dungeons are prepared.

■ Daily Gold Event
From 9 PM to 15 PM(UTC) every day, there’s a 2x gold drop event.

■ Weekly Updated Content
Our game has been updated nearly every week.

■ Real Idle RPG
Just keep it on and it hunts automatically.
Protect your smartphone with power-saving mode and screen protection.
A AFK genre real Idle RPG that farms automatically even when not sign in.

■ Coupon Codes: XMAS, HAPPY, LUCKY, 3, 33, 333, 3333

[2.4.94] 1. Exp paid as compensation for bugs 2. Renewed shop menu - Added one-time limited moonstone 3. Increase equipment stats 4. Delete mastery skills - Mastery stats will be added in the future 5. Fixed some bugs ※ Next update date: March 15th ※ Costume will be fixed on March 15th ※ Pet equipment will be added in March ※ Inquiry email: info@picture-soft.com
Vange : Idle RPG
 Vange : Idle RPG