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Trisolve: Triangle Calculator

Trisolve: Triangle Calculator
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100% Free (*see details below…)

Perfect for geometry students, teachers, carpenters, navigators, orienteers, surveyors, astronomers,… or anyone wanting to solve triangles.

The only triangle solver that draws the values you enter and enters the values you draw.

Enter anything you know and the app dynamically tells you everything that can be calculated, including inverse calculations. If any value is possible to solve, the app solves it. If a value is impossible to solve, the app lets you know that too.

No need to press an enter key to solve your triangle. Just draw or enter and immediately visualize the solution.

Easily clear and restore individual values by touching the value’s icon. Press and hold icons for quick right triangle entry and math expressions (ex. 9+7/32).

Solves triangles using sides and angles, xy, or rθ coordinate systems, including any combination of each to suit your situation.

Calculates sides, angles, heights, perimeter, area, vertex positions and multiple centers. Allows you to enter heights, perimeter, area, vertex positions and centers, not just sides and angles like other triangle solvers.

Categorize scalene, isosceles and equilateral as well as acute, right, and obtuse triangles. Identifies and solves ambiguous triangles.

Angle measures in degrees, radians, grads, deg min sec, % grades, …. Unit conversions are easy, just choose the units and they convert automatically without reentry. All length units are universal.

Transformations include translate, rotate, reflect and dilate. Transformations are coordinate system aware to facilitate easy understanding by beginning students while providing maximum flexibility for advanced users.

Results are calculated using numerically stable trigonometric algorithms giving the most precise results possible even in extreme engineering applications. Unlike many triangle solvers that give wrong answers, extreme cases are handled with precision.

All values can be either user entered or app calculated in any combination. Enter the triangle’s base and height and area is calculated. Enter the triangle’s area and height and the base is calculated. Enter any value in any order and the correct formula is applied. No other app calculates inverse functions and partial solutions automatically.

Calculable values are shown with easily identifiable color icons while user entered values are indicated by high contrast monochrome icons suitable for color blind users.

Both inputs and outputs can be modified to allow for exploration and experimentation.

Field sizes are dynamically adjusted so extreme precision values fit on the smallest phone screens.

You have found the best triangle solver, no risk to try, guaranteed.

* Free Limited Time Offer:

Contact the developer by email and request a free copy promotion code. This offer is for a fully functional download, no ads, no upsells, no in-app purchases,… just free.

Developer’s email: bessermt@gmail.com

Field math expressions (3+7/32)
● Supported Languages: ar, da, de, de-CH, el, en-001, en-IN, es, es-ES, fi, fr, he, hi, it, iw, ja, ko, nb, nl, no, pt ...
Trisolve: Triangle Calculator
 Trisolve: Triangle Calculator 
● Supported Languages: ar, da, de, de-CH, el, en-001, en-IN, es, es-ES, fi, fr, he, hi, it, iw, ja, ko, nb, nl, no, pt ...
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