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Sweet Bonanza Snake Charmer

Sweet Bonanza Snake Charmer
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  • Versiyon 2
  • Gereksinimler Android 5.1
  • Geliştirici RibagG
  • Tür Arcade
  • Google Play
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Welcome to Snake Master – an addictive arcade game where you can become a real snake master! Are you ready to test your skills and absorb everything in your path?

Welcome Bonus:
When you first enter the game, you get the opportunity to open one of three gifts! Click on any of the eggs to find out what prize awaits you: 600, 500 or 400 coins. Good luck!

Main screen:
On the main screen you will find everything you need for your adventure: a “Play” button, a store to buy coins, settings, a “How to Play” mode, a “Skins” section to choose your style and a “Gifts” button to receive your daily bonuses. You will also see your record result on the screen.

Game process:
In the game you will find an exciting process of growing your snake! Starting with the number 2, your snake will absorb lower and lower numbers to become stronger. But be careful: run away from bombs and bots that can take your life! The goal of the game is to live as long as possible and become the biggest and strongest!

Visit our store to get coins at competitive prices and buy new skins for your snake!

How to Play:
Detailed instructions will help you become a real snake master. Absorb your enemies, evolve and beware of your strongest opponents!

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Sweet Bonanza Snake Charmer
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