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Stray Cat Doors 3 Mod APK 1.0.4 (Free purchase)

Stray Cat Doors 3 Mod APK 1.0.4 (Free purchase)
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【Stray Cat Doors】The latest installment in the series has finally arrived!
This time, the protagonist is a girl with a black cat hat!
Let's unravel the mysteries of the dream world together with the new character.

  It is a stage-clear type adventure game where you solve mysteries alongside cute characters.

  Control the characters to explore the stages together, clearing traps and solving puzzles.
  Even if the puzzles are challenging, there is a hint feature, making it enjoyable for beginners in adventure games.

  Adorable and colorful kittens make an appearance, assisting in solving puzzles in this installment.
  Please be comforted by the heartwarming presence of these kittens.
  Various other characters also make numerous appearances, adding color to the game.

■Enhanced Puzzle Volume
  The volume of each stage has been significantly increased!
  Now you can enjoy a greater variety of traps and puzzles.

■Dress-Up Feature
  The popular character dress-up feature from the previous installment is also included!
  Dress your character in your favorite outfits and explore the stages.

■Get Costumes and Collection Items from Free Gacha!
  In this installment, you can spin the gacha using the medals obtainable in the game.
  No purchase is required for medals! All the necessary medals can be obtained within the game!
  ※Watching advertisements may be required to obtain medals.

■Enjoy the Reactions of Cute Kittens
  On the home screen, you can summon adorable cats and animals.
  Touch them, and they will respond with various reactions for your enjoyment.

■Soothe Your Soul with Beautiful BGM
  Unique BGM is provided for each stage! It is recommended to play with the sound turned on to fully enjoy the experience.

■Recommended for Those Who
 ・Love games featuring cats.
 ・Enjoy soothing games.
 ・Like puzzle-solving and adventure games.
 ・Have a preference for escape games.
 ・Love cute characters and animals.
 ・Enjoy collecting items.
 ・Have played the previous installment.

◆How to Play◆

■Control the character to explore the stage and collect the four items necessary for clearing.

■Movement is a simple tap or swipe operation.

■Tap on the areas where the cat's paw icon appears to progress through puzzles.

■Use the items in the inventory by tapping or swiping to select and apply them.

■On the home screen, use food to summon cats and other animals.
  Depending on the number of summons, you may receive presents or witness increased reactions from the characters.

■In the gallery, you can view missed events and special episodes.

■Costumes are obtainable through the gacha.

■Collect stamps with cute illustrations.

◆Strategy tips◆

■When you can't solve the mystery, you can view hints and answers by tapping the [?] icon.
  ※Watching a video advertisement is required to view hints.

■Within the stages, there are hidden treasure chests where you can obtain gacha medals. Be sure to search thoroughly.
  Watching a video advertisement when obtaining medals will triple the number of acquired medals!

【Official X】

※For inquiries regarding the app, please contact us through the official website.
※This game is free to play, but it contains some paid content.

Bug fix
You can get free stuff without watching ads.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Mod APK 1.0.4 (Free purchase)
 Stray Cat Doors 3 Mod APK 1.0.4 (Free purchase) 
You can get free stuff without watching ads.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Mod APK 1.0.4 [Free purchase]
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