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Ragnarok X APK

Ragnarok X APK
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Carrying forward the legacy of the classic masterpiece, authorized by Gravity from South Korea. The 3D MMORPG mobile game Ragnarok X: Next Generation is about to set off! With a complete selection of classes and new maps, let's embark on your own fantasy journey of the next generation!

======Game Features======
◆New Class – Taekwon Is Live
Fists of Taekwon, standing strong and striking hard.
Experience the taste of the thrilling sensation of striking and strong control.
◆First Top-Up Bonus Reset
Never seen before, experience the first top-up surprise once again.
Top-up bonuses are available to everyone.
◆Another Home System Upgrade
Better and richer home details.
Go wild with the decoration while enjoying the fun of being a homeowner.
◆Return of the Hyper Return Event
Instant Return Level Boost — Skyrocket your power.
Max level is within your reach.
◆Upgraded and Optimized Infinite Showdown
A new experience of the PVP.
Enjoy infinite fun with quick matchmaking!
◆Adventures with Adorable Pets
Optimized Pet System with 100% pet taming rate.
Embark on an adventure with your pets!
※This is a F2P game with in-game currency and item purchases. Please make considered purchases and do not exceed your financial wherewithal.

======Contact Us======
Official Website:
FB Fans Group:
Customer Service:

Ragnarok X
Ragnarok X APK
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