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Monster Tales: RPG Card Game Mod APK 1.41 (Weak enemy)

Monster Tales: RPG Card Game Mod APK 1.41 (Weak enemy)
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  • Versiyon 1.41
  • Gereksinimler Android 7.0
  • Geliştirici Caterpillar Games
  • Tür Card
  • Google Play
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Dive into a dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and surprising encounters. Build your deck from a selection of 100+ cards and formulate the best strategy.

Monster Tales is a fantasy RPG that fuses roguelike action with tactical card game mechanics. Start with an easy run and advance into the harder levels as you progress through a dungeon of mysteries. Make fateful decisions and modify your deck on the go.

As a roguelike deckbuilder game, Monster Tales offers players with tough choices in every step. Will you increase your max HP or heal your wounds? Will you pick an expensive, but powerful card or go with a low mana cost one? Your decisions matter and each dungeon crawl will feel different as you make various choices.

Monster Tales provides an efficient mobile gameplay with cleverly designed UI and turn-based system. You can play it anywhere, anytime. Procedural dungeon generation keeps every run fresh and provides a strong replay value to the game.

Card Game fanatics will feel like in heaven with the huge selection of cards and crazy combo mechanics. Combine different cards strategically to unleash amazing combinations and destroy your foes. As you delve into the dark dungeons, your hero will go up against famous fantasy monsters such as mindflayers and liches.

Explore a rich lore while navigating the dungeon rooms with the help of random encounters. Lots of interesting characters will cut your way and offer you some very hard choices. Like a true roguelike game, each choice matters and each run will play quite differently.

Card battler mechanics are enhanced with colorful visuals and striking animation effects. Each hit feels satisfying as your hero’s power is reflected through strong graphics. 2D enemies are carefully hand drawn and animated that suits the general tone of the game’s dungeon exploration and adventure theme.

* Roguelike deckbuilder mechanics
* 100+ cards
* 50+ items
* 50+ monsters and bosses
* Endless gameplay
* Amazing card combos and authentic keywords
* Flashy visuals
* Procedural generation that keeps the game fresh
* Increasing difficulty: Easy to start, hard to master
* Deckbuilding system with booster packs
* Can be played with one hand
* Can be played offline
* Constant updates with new heroes, items, monsters and cards

Glory and fortune awaits you, hero! Grab your cards and delve into the dungeon to save us all!

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Monster Tales: RPG Card Game Mod APK 1.41 (Weak enemy)
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