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Monster Space Survivor Battle

Monster Space Survivor Battle
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Nightmare in the spaceship is exploring a new green planet chain called Amethyst, Castle, Scary, Dorm,,… in the galactic. The air of fear suffocated throughout the spaceship.
Spaceship was damaged and was invaded by a giant monster and attacked your room. They are the alien army in space and are very dangerous like evil monster, color monster, giant monster,…they want to kill you to invade the earth. To safely crowd defense, you should stay silent and stay room to build your arsenal to survive space, survivor in color monster go to planet amethyst, castle, scary, dorm,… in the galactic.

At the beginning, like the hide n seek game, scary chronicles game, first escape to a room will help you build silent defense and attack tools. Stay room and upgrade the computer to work to get more gold. Team up with other people to build lifting to auto defense together to survive nightmare.
As a 2 player or multiplayer game, team up with other escape people in survive space room. The zombie like blue monster, giant monster,… will come to every room causing a brawl .Build a base in the room for attack to survivor in color monster and kill the devil but zombies are very powerful. If you are a survivor at the end of time, a hero destroy the monster get us out of the nightmare and end the brawl .

⭐ Space survival challenge mode :
Scary on the battlefield, monster army will attack you for 18 nights, stay room and survive until the time is up to be rescued, after night the hero will come to shooting the boss devil.
⭐Super beautiful skins for you:
With beautiful 2d graphics, the skins are updated regularly according to the trend
⭐ Repair and upgrade auto defense and offensive haunted weapons:
Please take your time to lifting your weapons ammo more damage to shooting the boss and survival, if your weapon is haunted please fix them before the boss comes.
⭐Fighting with teammates:
Team up with 2 player or multiplayer to survivor each night together on the battlefield. You need to use ammo to maintain time survival!

⭐ 18 horror challenge nights to adventure with 3456 survival game. Who can overcome the challenge of space survival or create an epic combat there? Survive nightmare, every night there will be scary of army and they will get bigger and stronger each night .
⭐ Countless new weapons await: In the survivor space game will sell a full range of weapons of hero and tools, in the shop will have different prices, the higher the price, stay room to buy weapons to the stronger. In space battle you can use your creativity to set up a battle
⭐ Skins are now available for all characters! In battle games, unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with their own perks!

If you love no-wifi game hide n seek game, crowd defense, horror game, epic combat, battle game, fighting game, 4567 survival game or survivor space, scary chronicles game, adventure, no wifi game, simulation, 2D game,… is this game for you.

Let’s challenge your fighting abilities against the alien monster in this perilous spaceship!

- Fix some bugs
Monster Space Survivor Battle
 Monster Space Survivor Battle