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Micro Gesture
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Micro Gesture is a motion gesture app that uses gyroscopes to recognize small movements, dramatically improving the operating experience of large-screen phones.

Micro Gesture uses Android accessibility services to complete one-handed operation, allowing basic operations such as back, multitasking, and pull-down notifications to be completed with simple body gestures.

* Support rotate phone action along three axes, customizable action. Default rotation around X-axis (short side of phone) for drop-down notification, rotation around Y-axis (long side of phone) for back, rotation around Z-axis (axis perpendicular to phone screen) for recent apps. The default actions can be a good aid to Android navigation.
* Motion sensitivity adjustable to suit different users, with optional vibration or text feedback.
* You can customize the number of rotations and rotation direction of the gesture, combined with the rotation axis, up to 12 gestures can be defined in total.
* Built-in dozens of actions such as On/Off Wifi, Bluetooth, Lock screen, Screenshot, Simulated tap, Simulated swipe, Launch apps etc.
* Support volume key trigger, tap, double tap or long press can be used. Even long press with off screen.
* Support notification trigger, triggered by receiving a specific notification.
* Support to disable or redefine gestures for specific apps.
* Support flying mouse, can simulate screen mouse, convenient for one hand operation.

Micro Gestures support powerful automation scripts.

* Automation scripts can be defined for any application.
* Use screen element as trigger condition, Such as button text, ID, etc..
* Automation scripts can trigger scripts to perform continuous multiple actions.
* Scripts can simulate user actions to achieve automation.

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1. Solve the problem that sometimes the pixels are mis-matched 2. upgrade to sdk31 and jdk11
● Micro Gesture Account Activated.● A Skip Showing Privacy Policy Dialog.● In-App Billing Service Removed / Disabl ...
Micro Gesture
 Micro Gesture 
● Micro Gesture Account Activated.● A Skip Showing Privacy Policy Dialog.● In-App Billing Service Removed / Disabl ...
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