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Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta
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Mantis Gamepad Pro is the most Modern & Intuitive Gamepad Screen Mapper App on Android. It is the Companion App your Powerful Gamepad deserves. With Mantis’ Screen Mapping Tech, you can Play any Android Game with any Gamepad Controller on any Android Device.

Mantis has been specifically tested with Major Android Games like Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, PUBG, Pokemon Unite, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, etc to give you the PRO Level Gaming experience right on your Smartphone.

★ Great Gamepad Compatibility ???? : Mantis supports almost all Gamepads supported by Android. Gamepads from Major brands Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Razer, GameSir, iPega, Logitech, etc have been thoroughly tested and work great.

★ Phases ???? : Mantis gives you the ability to create different Mapping Profiles for different phases of the Games, like Movement, Driving, Parachute, Lobby etc.

★ MOBA Smart Cast Support ???? : With MOBA Smart Cast Feature, you can now map your MOBA Game’s directional ability using a combination of a Gamepad Button and a Thumbstick.

★ Virtual Mouse Mode ????️ : Navigating a Game’s Interface with a Gamepad has never been easier. Virtual Mouse Mode lets you control a Mouse Pointer using a Thumbstick and a Button.

★ Sequence Buttons ???? : With Sequence Buttons, you can map the same Gamepad Button in different places on the Screen, and touches would be registered one by one with each physical press.

★ Separate X/Y Axis Camera Sensitivity ???? : Mantis gives you the option of changing the Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity of your Thumbsticks separately, for better customization. Great for shooter games.

★ Incredible DPAD Support ????️ : Mantis allows you to use your DPAD like ThumbStick. Great for Gamepads without Physical ThumbSticks. 8-Way DPAD as buttons is also supported.

★ Smart Resume ↩️ : Mantis lets you Multitask between Gaming Sessions and will be ready with the Overlay once you return.

★ Dark Theme ???? : The Modern Interface & Incredible Dark Theme radiates the perfect gaming vibes while being intuitive at the same time.

★ On-Device Activation ???? : Activate MantisBuddy Service Instantly with the device itself using the Wireless Debugging feature of Android.

★ No Cloning – Ban Safe Gaming ???? : Mantis doesn’t require cloning of Apps and instead uses our Proprietary NMC Mapping Engine to function. Our tech keeps your data and Google Account safe.

A PC or a Second Android Device is required to activate Mantis on Android 10 or below devices. In Rooted Devices, Mantis can automatically activate.

Visit us:
Instagram : instagram.com/mantisprogaming

Youtube: youtube.com/@mantisprogaming

Facebook Group : facebook.com/groups/mantisprogaming

Facebook Page: facebook.com/mantisprogaming

Sub-reddit : reddit.com/r/mantisprogaming

Twitter : twitter.com/mantisprogaming

Support Email: contact@mantispro.app

OEMs/Gaming Peripheral Manufacturers can contact us at business@mantispro.app for customized software.

- Fixed Overlay issue with Xiaomi Pad 6 & HyperOS. - Added Gesture Duration Mechanism. - Added Thumbstick Polling Rate options. - Translation added for Chinese Language. - Multiple Gestures can now be triggered simultaneously. - Fixed a Memory Leak issue related to Polling.