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Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Mod APK 1.1.49 (Unlocked)

Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Mod APK 1.1.49 (Unlocked)
  • Güncelleme
  • Versiyon 1.1.49
  • Gereksinimler Android 5.0
  • Geliştirici Leav Jenn
  • Tür Video Players Editors
  • Google Play
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  • Comments: 0
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DO NOT DOWNLOAD before reading the following 4 notes!!!
1. If there's a video you can't download, please post the URL in the review or email it to me, rather than leaving some ambiguous negative reviews like "It doesn't work", which is not helpful to any of us. My email:
2. App CANNOT download live stream videos.
3. Some websites use DRM or other protections to prevent video downloading, e.g. Netf1ix. These videos can't be downloaded.
4. App CANNOT download videos from Youtube due to their ToS.

Lj Video Downloader is a powerful tool to download m3u8/mp4/mpd videos from web and saves them as .mp4 files.

• Download m3u8/mp4/mpd/mov format videos.
• Support extract video links from websites directly.
• Multi-thread downloading.
• Auto convert to mp4 format.
• Support multi-format playlist.
• Support audio/video split m3u8/mpd files.

We need your help. If you have any suggestion or bug reporting, please feel free to contact us.

Help us translation:
Discord: leav_jenn#0722
Telegram: @LeavJenn

-- Fixed Cloudflare verification not passing problem. -- Fixed some minor issues.
Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Mod APK 1.1.49 (Unlocked)
Download  Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Mod APK 1.1.49 (Unlocked) 

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