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LazyBoard – Phrase Keyboard.

LazyBoard – Phrase Keyboard.
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  • Versiyon 2.6.14
  • Gereksinimler Android 4.4
  • Geliştirici Elsayed Hussein
  • Tür Productivity
  • Google Play
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Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? With LazyBoard, create custom keys with predefined phrases for one-tap input.

• Clipboard folder to track of what you copy into your system’s clipboard, then allows you to easily access them and past them wherever you want.
• Widget for Clipboard folder to access its phrases from Home Screen.
• Built-In Alphanumeric Keyboard
• Media folder to add photos.
• Trash folder contains deleted phrases and folders to restore them or delete them permanently.
• Radnom Phrases.
• Sub folders
• Dynamic Variables ( dear {{customer name}}, %CURSOR%, %CLIPBOARD)
• Dark Mode.
● Premium Version:
– Adding unlimited phrases.
– Adding unlimited photos.
– Export, import, and share phrases with your friends.
– Custom colors for phrases.

We value your feedback to make LazyBoard a helpful keyboard app. Send us your thoughts at

- Add 'Sequential order' checkbox in random phrase, to past phrases sequentially. - Add 'Popup Visibility' setting, to show or hide popup view when click a key in alphanumeric keyboard. default is on.
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LazyBoard – Phrase Keyboard.
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