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Endless Grades: Pixel Saga APK v0.5.33

Endless Grades: Pixel Saga APK v0.5.33
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  • Versiyon 0.5.33
  • Gereksinimler Android 5.1
  • Geliştirici Lightcore Games
  • Tür Role Playing
  • Google Play
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????Super high SSR pull rates????
????Catch, tame and evolve your pets????
????Smash mines to gather resource and treasure????
????Open free idle chests to get EXP and even SSR heroes????

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of classic pixelated atmosphere with a relaxed and leisurely gameplay!

???????? Collect Unique Characters
Gather a diverse cast of pixel knights and evolve them to unleash their full potential.

????????Build Team Strategically
The best weapon you can wield is your strategy. If you can't pass a certain stage, rearranging your lineup usually leads to a surprising result.

⛏⛏Dig Precious Minerals
Meticulous planning is the key to success. Which trail is the best way? Pickaxe, Bomb, Impact Drill…when is the best time to use different tools?

????????Tame, Feed and Evolve
Assemble a well-trained team consisting of both cute and fierce ancient monsters and lead them to victory.

????????Connect and Battle
Test your skills against global players in the arena while sharing your tales & stories in the tavern.

Reconnect with memories, create your own legends. Begin your adventure now! ????????????

????????Any questions or advices? Please contact us at
????????Welcome to our ooficial communities to get valuable tips and receive giveaways:

1. Improved the presentation of hero illustrations. 2. Hero names are now displayed in the Hero Codex. 3. Fixed some UI and text errors.
Endless Grades: Pixel Saga APK v0.5.33
Download  Endless Grades: Pixel Saga APK v0.5.33 

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