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Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover
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● Fight: Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller and then take over the enemy’s buildings.

● Control: Simple drag controls from one building to another.

● Build: Build your empire, occupy more territory, and crush your opponents.

● Heroes: Recruit legendary heroes, and take over the empire!

● Special art style: Lowpoly Style Game.

● 3 Special Mode:

#1 Stage Maker Mode: design levels by yourself and share them with your family, your friends, or all the worldwide players.

#2 Peace Mode: stay away from the empire war.

#3 Mini Game Center: Run, jump, run… so many amazing mini-games.

Just try it!

Good luck, I wish you will like !

Discord: https://discord.gg/RJq8n3Qx9r
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/empiretakeoverpage

Optimization and Adjustments 1. Added one-click claim function optimization to the reward interface related to the Star Gazing Festival. 2. Optimized the display of the quantity for one-time exchanges for items in the Star Gazing Festival shop. 3. Removed all categories from the gift interface. 4. Added upgrade functionality to the dressing system. 5. Increased the reward acquisition limit for Shadow Demons to 4 times. 6. Fixed some known bugs.
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