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DoD – Days of Doomsday Mod Apk 2.4.0

DoD – Days of Doomsday Mod Apk 2.4.0
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Let’s Celebrate 2024’s Lunar New Year Update together!

[DoD] is a roguelike shoot ’em-up game with an anime art style in which you exterminate monsters and survive.
Complete an epic with kawaii heroes in the roguelike world where you can’t be careless for a second!

Our only hope is to summon various Heroes from other dimensions!
Protect our universe with these adorable little interdimensional fighters.

In the past, numerous monsters invaded this world from a dimensional rift. The mindless blob monsters are eating the whole planet till there’s nothing left. The only chance to survive is to summon heroes from other dimensions to this world and defeat enemies, even a tiny blob.

Let’s go on a grand adventure to make memories with heroes together.

Caution: Be careful with even a tiny blob on the ground; always be prepared to leash enemies!

▶Experience their heroic adventures firsthand!
▶Fight swarms of monsters alongside your comrades and emerge victorious!
▶Collect and train various cool Heroes!

A roguelike game played with simple one-handed controls and survival.
Enjoy the cool and flashy action of kawaii Anime Characters!
Experience the fun of Roguelike, which is acquiring and growing various skills with strategic moves every second!
Beautiful graphics as if you are traveling directly into the Anime!
Collect and level up your favorite characters, just like collecting anime goods!
Enjoy the story as if you were watching an anime.
Utilize dozens of provided spyware, sci-fi weapons, and fantasy world items.

* For any questions, requests, or inquiries, please use the Support Menu or contact us through the email address below*

[Contents/System updates] -New Chapter added. -New guide mission added -New Rift stages added -More studies added to the lab -New hero added. -Skin/Costume system added. -Season Pass contents added.[Etc.] - Bug fixed - St. Valentine’s Day event added.
MOD MENU✶ Damage Multiplier✶ God Mode
DoD – Days of Doomsday Mod Apk 2.4.0
 DoD – Days of Doomsday Mod Apk 2.4.0