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Dark Survival
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This is the game development duo [Liberty Dust]!

Welcome to 'Dark Survival,' a vampire survival game where a hefty knight battles monsters emerging from the dark. Level up by defeating monsters, choose a variety of skills, and survive as long as possible!

Ah! Not a fan of hefty knights?
Don't worry!! In addition to the hefty knight, a variety of unique characters are waiting for you!!

It's a popular vampire survival game these days.
A game that is deeper and simpler than any other!
Focused on the original fun of gaming!!
Dark Survival!!

Whether you're on the subway,
in the bathroom, or in a boring classroom!
A game to play with you!!
It's Dark Survival.

Hello, this is LibertyDust. We have successfully completed the update to version 2.3.2. The main contents of this update are as follows:* New Hero: Assassin * In-game optimization * Increased acquisition of Hero Liberation materials * New event in March* We will continue to improve to make the Dark Survival game even more enjoyable.
1. Menu3. God Mode4. Enemy Speed