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D.M.P.G. Sandbox Playground

D.M.P.G. Sandbox Playground
  • Güncelleme
  • Versiyon 0.11
  • Gereksinimler Android 6.0
  • Geliştirici Fun Monkey Ltd
  • Tür Simulation
  • Google Play
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It is an explosive and destructive creative sandbox simulation UGC-game with customizable characters and locations. In-game Mod Store and in-game Films Platform. Simple and exciting simulator with ragdoll physics. It’s a new adventure in a large space with unlimited freedom of action, experimental physics and an impressive collection of tools, characters, vehicles and locations.

Test subjects have entered the facility; the game is open.What's new:1. Updated start tutorial for new players. Better onboarding for new habitats of the Lab!2. Introducing new item type - consumables.3. Updated splash and loading screens to please eyes of yours.4. Fixed a bunch of bugs.
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D.M.P.G. Sandbox Playground
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