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com.tipu.mrlx Mod APK 1.2.4 (God Mode)(High Damage)

com.tipu.mrlx Mod APK 1.2.4 (God Mode)(High Damage)
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"Virus outbreak, survivors' alliance established"
In the near future, an unknown virus will rapidly spread, turning countless people into undead creatures, with zombies roaming the streets and alleys. The end of the world has descended so rapidly that people are unable to respond in a timely manner. The social order rapidly collapsed, falling into chaos and panic.
Dawes also lost his family. In the initial chaos, he was forced to flee his home and search for shelter everywhere. The city has become a territory for zombies, and every action passes by death.
By chance, I met other survivors. This small group has become his new home. Everyone gathers together, facing endless nightmares together. There are soldiers, doctors, and technical experts in the team, each with different skills, but they all pursue the goal of survival together.
"Guardian, Joint Action"
As night falls, zombies surge in, carrying the aura of death. The team must work together, establish a defense line, eliminate zombies, and strive for every chance of survival. Each member bears a specific responsibility, some are responsible for patrols, some are responsible for resource collection, and some are responsible for studying the characteristics of zombies to develop more effective strategies.
The scarcity of resources makes every choice a test. Will limited drugs be used for the injured or for developing new survival tools? Should we choose to save the struggling survivors or evacuate quickly to preserve the team? These decisions touch the heartstrings of every member and shape the fate of the team.
"Create tools to combat zombie evolution"
Zombies continue to evolve, and survivors establish laboratories. Use zombie samples for experiments here. Some engineers are responsible for studying the physiological characteristics of zombies; Some manufacture new weapons based on this to improve the efficiency of eliminating zombies.
However, zombies are also constantly mutating, making each day a new challenge. Some zombies are faster, some have stronger attack power, and some even have higher intelligence. The team must always remain vigilant and constantly adapt to changes in the enemy.
As dawn approaches, survivors use tools and wisdom to fight against the zombie tide. As night falls, new forms of zombies will emerge, and survivors must constantly innovate and make more weapons in order to find a glimmer of hope for survival.
The game features of "Last Day Attack"
【 Feature 1 】 Hold your breath and cleverly break through the situation
Strolling in a dim and foggy environment, one needs to use tools around them to resolve the crisis. The limited perspective will challenge the survivor's resilience. In a mysterious atmosphere, remember to stay rational and find a way to break through the situation!
【 Feature 2 】 Flexible team configuration and unexpected victories
Faced with over 40 terrifying monsters, survivors need to utilize the partners recruited by the camp, flexibly team up, and win by surprise!
【 Feature 3 】 Cross firepower, building defense lines
Panic spreads, and monsters constantly mutate and evolve. Meet other survivors in the apocalypse, weave a firepower net, build a line of hope defense, and work together to guard the final human homeland.
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>Damage Multiplier>God Mode
com.tipu.mrlx Mod APK 1.2.4 (God Mode)(High Damage)
 com.tipu.mrlx Mod APK 1.2.4 (God Mode)(High Damage)