/ Role Playing / 대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 Mod APK 1792 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)

대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 Mod APK 1792 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)

대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 Mod APK 1792 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)
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Hire 300 different types of mercenaries to stop the invading armies of Ksarfax!
Defend your opponent with various attack types (physics, magic, blending, chaos) with resistance!

Two and a half years have passed since its release, but there is still a game called Tengui.

Official Cafe http://cafe.naver.com/bbulle

You may have a cloud storage feature, but you may not be able to save it
We recommend that you do not erase the game. (If you delete the game, the game data in the device will be sent ~!)
Cloud load is only used to change devices.

When you change your cell phone, make sure that the device has been saved
Load from a new device!

If you turn off your cell phone or play a game using the Blue Stack
Time related parts may not work properly.

Game description
We need mercenary leader to lead mercenaries !! It's you!
Lead the mercenaries and defend the Midlands from the invaders of Karsapaks!

– recruited various mercenaries from E to S class
– In technical research, we put buff on the mercenaries and debuff on the enemies.
– Hire magic damage mercenaries to counter the physical resistance of the enemies.
– Weak enemies to let their mercenaries take care of themselves.

So, I would like you to pick up a S class mercenary ~ !!

Honey Tip!
– Leaders are highly recommended for mercenaries with high click damage and critical skills.
– Let's collect the mercenaries with the skill to increase the amount of gold gain.
– Mercenaries with damage buff skills are mixed at an appropriate rate.
– We will hire mercenaries of Chaos damage that ignores the resistance of enemies.
– Let the enemy's resistance and the debuff mercenaries mowing the maximum stamina mix properly.
– Awakening is best to give mercenaries with the highest rating.

Billing errors and bug reports can be sent to bbulle@naver.com
Let's do it fast!

MOD MENU✶ Damage Multiplier
대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 Mod APK 1792 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)
 대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 Mod APK 1792 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)