Ana sayfa / Role Playing / 白猫プロジェクト Mod APK 4.55.1 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)(Invincible)

白猫プロジェクト Mod APK 4.55.1 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)(Invincible)

白猫プロジェクト Mod APK 4.55.1 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)(Invincible)
  • Güncelleme
  • Versiyon 4.55.1
  • Gereksinimler Android 5.1
  • Geliştirici COLOPL Inc
  • Tür Role Playing
  • Google Play
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A new royal road-
A powerful battle system!
Experience a new adventure with "White Cat Project NEW WORLD'S"! !

■Overview of “White Cat Project NEW WORLD’S”
・Battle system “Skill Combination”!
The characters you organized will appear one after another and everyone will activate their skills! You can enjoy infinite combinations depending on the character composition and the order of skill activation!

・Easy to use with one hand! exhilarating action
Speedy actions such as movement, attacks, and skills can be easily operated with one hand!
Travel freely through the magnificent world and enjoy exhilarating and flashy battles!

·View of the world
The story begins a long time ago.
When a "white" and "black" cat meet on a continent in the sky floating far away, a great adventure that continues far into the future begins…

・Scenarios with voices featuring many characters
We are updating many event scenarios every month! Featuring gorgeous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji and Yui Horie!
Enjoy scenarios featuring attractive characters!

・Challenge "cooperative battle" where up to 4 people can play together
A must-see for those who like multiplayer!
Invite your friends together and enjoy battles together with the characters you've raised!

・Create the strongest party by making full use of 12 types of "professions"
Swordsman, martial artist, warrior, lancer, archer,
Various occupations such as mage appear!
Organize a party according to the situation and go on an adventure!

・Wide range of training system
Equipped with a deep training system such as customizing weapons, using accessories and stone tablets depending on the situation, and building a town!
Customize your favorite characters as you like!

-Provided by COLOPL Co., Ltd.-

[ver4.55.1] ・対象OSバージョンを「5.0以降」から「5.1以降」に変更いたしました。 ・不具合を修正いたしました。
1.Mod Menu2.Damage Multiple3.Defense Multiple
白猫プロジェクト Mod APK 4.55.1 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)(Invincible)
Download  白猫プロジェクト Mod APK 4.55.1 (Mod Menu)(High Damage)(Invincible) 

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