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[櫻坂46公式] サクコイ

[櫻坂46公式] サクコイ
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⊿⊿⊿Smartphone game where you fall in love with Sakurazaka46 over and over again⊿⊿⊿
A romantic timely love story where you fall in love over and over again.
“Which Sakurazaka46 member would you fall in love with?” ”
“This is the story of a mysterious 10-year love story between me and Sakurazaka46.”
We have been dating for 10 years since our school days.
However, due to a twist of fate,
The two of us have changed into someone else’s world line…
⊿How to enjoy “Sakukoi”
■Let’s advance “love” with your favorite member (Oshimen)!
As you progress through the love story, an important story will occur that will be a turning point in your destiny.
You can send “messages” to key players in the story and collect “hints” for your deductions.
Make inferences based on the hints you have collected, make the right choices, and advance the story!
■Can you break down the walls of the members’ hearts? Surprise question mark: Challenge the battle with the collected cards!
Organize 5 cards and shorten the emotional distance with your members!
By clearing the battles, you can earn the “love keys” and rewards necessary to advance the love story!
By strengthening cards, you can unlock special scenes and skill videos that can be seen during battle. Packed with photos, movies, and voices exclusive to “Sakukoi”!
■Use accessories to further strengthen your cards!
Equip your card with accessories to further improve your card’s status!
⊿Official website

App itself: Basic free (*Some paid items are available)
【Compatible models】
Android 8.0 or later
[Recommended terminal]
Snapdragon 845 equivalent or higher, memory (RAM) 3GB or higher

(1) Operation on devices other than the recommended models and supported OS versions will not be supported.
(2) Depending on the customer’s usage situation, operation may be unstable even with the recommended model.
(3) Regarding the compatible OS version, even if it says “Android 8.0 or later”, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.

1. HIGH ATTACKnote : don't abuse it
[櫻坂46公式] サクコイ
 [櫻坂46公式] サクコイ