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Game features:
[Become an immortal and the immortal general will arrive]
Transformed into an immortal, the latest class “Immortal General” appears! Transform saints and generals into immortals and feel the unparalleled powerful combat power!

[Dynamic tower defense, full screen with unique tricks]
Convert static defense towers into dynamic Three Kingdoms generals, sweeping across the enemy with gorgeous skills! Experience the unparalleled pleasure of one man being invincible and invincible!

[Welfare bonuses and martial arts prizes are drawn]
Resources and benefits are freely given! Easily draw hundreds and thousands of draws, allowing new players to become tower defense masters in one fell swoop! Hurry up and invite your friends to join the battle!

[Create artifacts to sweep across the enemy]
Create a magical outfit for your favorite general! Exclusive equipment and mounts can also additionally enhance general attributes! Let Guan Yu hold the Qinglong Yanyue Sword and step out on the red rabbit to kill the enemy!

[Bronze Bird Archery Easily Receive Prizes]
The latest gameplay “Tongque Terrace” tests your shooting accuracy! Take resources home with you at the touch of a finger! There are also PVP competition gameplay, historical plot dungeons, and cross-server battles to become the king. You have everything you need to have fun!

【Official information】
“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/tdsgz
“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” official discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tdsgz
“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” official website: https://tdsgz.gamemorefun.net/

※ According to Article 6 of the Game Software Classification Management Measures, the game content should be listed as tutoring for 15-year-olds
※This game is free to use. The game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please pay attention to game time and avoid addiction
※The content of this game involves violence (bloody scenes such as attacks), scenes of using tobacco and alcohol, and game characters wearing clothing that highlights sexual characteristics.
※This game is represented by Hermes Game Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service channel of this game.

1. Mod Menu2. High Damage3. God Mode4. Skill no cooldown5. Dumb Enemy
1. Mod Menu2. High Damage3. God Mode4. Skill no cooldown5. Dumb Enemy
塔防三國志 Mod APK 7.6.00 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Weak enemy]
- 53.65 MB